Sefexa Image Segmentation Tool


Sefexa is a free tool for:
  1. Semi-automatic image segmentation. Segmentation is the process of splitting an image into two parts, e.g. objects of interest (bacteria, fruits, etc.) and the background. The application allows you to automatically segment an image and modify the segmentation manually.
  2. Analysis of images. Statistics like number of segmented objects or their sizes are available, together with export into Excel.
  3. Creation of ground truth. Ground truth data can be used for development and testing of new segmentation algorithms.

Sefexa requires Windows 7 or later. The application is free of charge for any non-commercional purposes. If you use Sefexa (directly or indirectly) in your publication, then you are asked to cite this website. See full license for more details.

Any questions, comments or suggestions should be sent to . See author's personal website or LinkedIn profile for more information about the creator.

See manual for more details about the software.

Sefexa screenshot


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